Money and Kids: 8 Tips to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Most American kids today live in relative abundance. They enjoy more material possessions than their parents had growing up. So how do kids learn to value money when it’s pouring in from grandparents, allowances and even the Tooth Fairy? Here are eight tips to help raise financially literate kids…

Can Movie Theaters Save Themselves?

On Monday Ray Blanco joined us to look into movie theaters post pandemic. The conclusion? Going to the movies the way we’re used to may be a thing of the past. Today Ray rejoins us with a follow-up based on some of the responses we have received

Can Movie Theaters Come Back From Covid-19?

An industry that will be forever changed is the entertainment industry. As people move to streaming platforms for their means of quarantine entertainment… will there be a need to leave the house for the movies anymore? Today our friend Ray Blanco joins us to talk about just that.

Robert Kiyosaki: Take Control of Your Future

These are scary times. The longer this goes on, the clearer it is becoming that we are not going back to the “normal” we had before. But that might not be a bad thing… Today our friend Robert Kiyosaki joins us to share why he thinks now is the perfect opportunity to make a change… and secure your financial future.

A Path Back to Normal

Many Americans are tired of living in shutdown mode and ready to get back to work. And the Mayor of Riverton Utah has a plan on how to do just that…

Everything You Need to Know About the Oil Market

History was made on Monday, April 20, when WTI futures dropped to a negative $37.63 per barrel. So how does this happen? And why didn’t the price of gasoline at the pump drop at a similarly precipitous rate?

Save Your Business: “7 Lessons I Learned From Operating in a Crisis”

If you own your own business, chances are — if you haven’t already — you’re starting to think about how you can ensure your business survives. Today, Mike Dillard has seven lessons he has learned from operating in a crisis. He’s owned and run business through four crises, including 9/11 and the 2008/2009 economic downturn.

Are Food Shortages on the Horizon?

While Americans still fret about finding toilet paper, another crisis is beginning to rear its head… Food shortages. Should you be concerned? Should you be prepping for empty grocery stores in the weeks and months ahead? Let’s take a look at the facts...

What Will the New Normal Look Like?

No one is sure exactly when or how it will happen, but eventually, it will be time for the United States to start to open back up. Life will likely not look like it had before COVID-19 for a long time. And, in some ways, may change forever. So what can you expect as you prepare your own business for the upcoming transition?

The World Will Never Be the Same

After Covid-19 is no longer a threat… the world won’t go back to the way it was. It can’t. Work, health care, education… even the way we shop will be forever changed. Today, lead tech analyst at Seven Figure Publishing Ray Blanco joins us to talk about two sectors affected by Covid-19 that likely will never go back to normal.