Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Entrepreneurs

Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Entrepreneurs

We would all be lost without our phones these days. Our contacts, photos, calendars, communications, and often even payment methods, are all housed in these little devices.

And if you’re like most people, your phone is filled with apps. You likely have Lyft and Uber, your most frequented airlines, Yelp and top sources for news and market updates. And who doesn’t have a game or two?

Beyond the expected, there are some other apps that should be considered. These amazing and well-designed tools will help you to be more efficient and organized on the go:

WhatsApp — You may chuckle at this suggestion, but you don’t need to be a teenager to appreciate this one. WhatsApp offers free texting and has all of the essential functions of your phone’s native texting app. Even better — your international contacts probably already have it, as it’s the world’s most popular texting app. You can easily find existing contacts through the app, and initiating conversations is intuitive and simple. This app is also accessible on your desktop, adding to its utility. If you are paying to text internationally, it’s time to switch over… and your contacts will likely thank you as well.

Trello or Asana — These project organizer apps get equal billing because both are free, and their layouts and functionality are intuitive and user-friendly. For additional convenience, both are available via your desktop or laptop. These apps allow you and a group of partners or co-workers to collaborate on projects, share images and documents, delegate tasks, send reminders and create schedules and timelines. Once you start to hack your workflow with one of these apps, you’ll be hooked. or — These top-notch crypto wallets allow you to download and securely store your crypto. They allow for private and efficient control of bitcoin and a long list of other crypto options. These are well-designed apps with highly rated customer support that allow you to track your portfolio, buy and sell crypto and send and receive digital currency. Both are free downloads.

LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane — With cybersecurity being a top concern, it’s essential that your passwords go beyond birthdays and kids’ names. And that they are securely stored. These are more than just apps — they’re vaults. Create one master password or phrase and the app interfaces with the other apps and frequently visited websites on your phone to offer you secure, quick and convenient logins. They generate secure passwords for you, remember them and autofill using your master password. And even better — these services are free. Just make sure that your master password is a strong one!

Google Authenticator or Authy — The next security step after keeping sensitive information on your phone and generating strong passwords is to enable two-factor authentication. While this has been traditionally done via SMS, the growing threat of SIM-jacking makes SMS an insecure option. Instead, turn to one of these free two-factor authenticator generator apps to create unique and constantly updated authentication codes that live nowhere but on your phone.

Mint — This highly rated app is the premier choice for financial budgeting, tracking and planning. Yet another free app, Mint offers notifications when transactions post, free credit reports and monitoring and well-designed budgeting and goal-setting tools. The app also features state-of-the-art security and encryption that is updated as new threats are identified. As a note, Mint currently connects to U.S. and Canadian financial institutions only.

Pocket — Formerly known as Read It Later, this app is accessible on numerous platforms including smartphones, Kindle and desktops. This free app allows you to easily save and organize articles, documents, videos and news reports and other materials that you’d like to save to read later. It saves from any platform, be it a news app, YouTube or Twitter, among many others. Best of all, your saved materials are available to you offline, so they can be enjoyed in airplane mode or without burning up data when you are out and about. Collections can be curated for individual needs, such as work, professional development, hobbies, news and any category you need.

MobileDay — If conference calls and web meetings are an essential part of your productivity, this app was created for you. By synching with your contacts and simplifying the connection process, this free app brings setting up group calls to a new level of ease — no PINs or codes required. The app also syncs with your calendar and detects meetings. Another handy and user-friendly feature is a quick and easy notification option to let your attendees know when you are running a little late — you know you will need to use that sometimes!

Wunderlist — This highly rated free app is more than just a compendium of lists. It allows you to curate and organize lists according to your needs, save images and other media content within the lists and receive custom notifications about action items. Lists can be shared with others, and users can chat within the app to collaborate and coordinate actions. Your lists are not only available on your smartphone, but can be accessed through any of your devices for added convenience.

Any list of apps such as this one is by nature incomplete. Do we even need to mention Skype, Slack, Evernote, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Wave? Connectivity, planning and productivity, especially among the growing remote-office workforce, have become easier and more streamlined than ever! It’s just a matter of deciding which apps will work best for your needs.

With purpose,

Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo