Clips Unknown: Paul Pilzer

Clips Unknown: Paul Pilzer

Every time I open the Money Revealed vault I’m blown away. Each clip is unique and every story inspirational.

Today the clip I picked out features Paul Zane Pilzer. He’s an economist, social entrepreneur, professor, public servant and author of ten New York Times bestselling books.

And his success story is extraordinary.

Paul was the youngest person to get an MBA from Wharton college, at the age of 22. His career skyrocketed and varied from stents at Citibank to working with the Reagan administration, starting his own companies, and teaching.

He was appointed as a professor at New York University at age 24 where he taught for 21 years and was five times voted “Best Teacher.”

Paul is the Founder of Extend Health, Zane Benefits, Zane Publishing, The American Academy and Zane Prep, he was an appointed economic advisor in two U.S. presidential administrations (1983-1989) and today advises CEOs and government officials worldwide.

Paul’s business theme has been: Don’t get mad when you’re an underserved consumer, get rich by fixing the problem for yourself and developing businesses for other people.

Today he joins us in a never before seen clip to share the secrets of his success…

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Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo