Clips Unknown: Ron Phillips

Clips Unknown: Ron Phillips

A major motivation for the creation of the Money Revealed docuseries is solving the crisis of financial illiteracy.

When you miss out on financial education it can cause major negative side effects in your life. Many of us end up working for our dollar, instead of the other way around.

Today we have a never-before-seen clip of Ron Phillips speaking about why we don’t teach people about money and what we can do to fix the issue of fiscal blindness.

As the CEO of Wealth Accelerator System, author of Getting Rich the Right Way and a real estate investor, broker and educator, Ron really knows what he’s talking about…

Over the past nine years, Ron has personally helped over 5,500 individuals get their piece of the American dream by helping them invest in property using his “Golden Rules” of high-quality property selection.

All of his clients have access to his team of dedicated professionals to help ensure a successful investment.

Ron understands most people want an investment that works for them and doesn’t require another 40 hours a week to find and maintain.

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… Click below to get Ron’s exclusive hot take…

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