Rise Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

Rise Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

David Blanchard is one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve met thus far. He’s got a phoenix-from-the-ashes story that especially qualifies him to encourage others to go after their dreams.

You see, David started out as a financial adviser and began to heavily invest in real estate. But in 1989 it all crashed. He spent the next 10 years paying off millions in debt.

Intense life experiences have honed Dave’s positive approach to life. He exudes the type of wisdom that only comes from someone who’s been to the depths of despair… and fought their way to the heights of success.

It’s on that very type of trek that the book Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur takes the reader.

Using the analogy of climbing a mountain, the book takes us on a steep climb through the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

We start in the “parking lot” and work our way to the summit… and along the way glean priceless gems of wisdom that apply not just to the entrepreneur’s journey, but to life in general.

The first section of the book deals mainly with difficulties, traps and negative thinking. From the pitfalls of catastrophizing (vividly imagining worst-case scenarios) to dark nights of the soul, there are plenty of ways to get lost along the way.

Equanimity takes a hard look at these issues and counters them with a solid, life-changing truth.

Trials are a “refiner’s fire” that, when faced with courage and humility, can trim the fat and strengthen us like tempered steel. Trials can help us fine-tune our focus, understand our motivation and find our true selves.

The book’s second section goes over three critical decisions that are pivotal to success: Become the boss, hire yourself and improve yourself.

Each decision involves developing a better understanding of your own motivations, shortcomings and strengths. And this section focuses on the power of your thoughts to move you forward… or hold you back.

Full of excellent advice and thought-provoking passages, this section gets into the nitty-gritty of what makes an entrepreneur tick and why having purpose and a desire to serve others is crucial to success.

Finally, the book shares three “mile markers” that are vital to reaching the top of Mount Entrepreneur. Plenty of people have great ideas and big dreams, but few make it to the top… What’s the difference between the dreamers in the parking lot and the mountaineers at the summit?

The answer has to do with intrinsic value.

This means that you value something for what it is… not for what it’s good for, what it can produce or what it has to offer you. Valuing people, dreams and structure intrinsically is a very important part of personal integrity. It also builds trust and respect among those you do business with — and you can’t fake, buy or borrow that kind of social capital.

Are you ready to conquer Mount Entrepreneur? The book Equanimity is a must-have for your personal library. You can find it (and many other excellent books by David Blanchard and from the Og Mandino Leadership Institute) at the Money Revealed bookstore.

With purpose,

Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo