Become a Mobilepreneur!

Become a Mobilepreneur!

DJ Barton has built a career around helping others find freedom. He’s a self-professed “mobilepreneur,” meaning that his business leaves him free to travel and enjoy new experiences — even as he works.

It’s a dream that’s shared by many, and he’s dedicated to helping others achieve it.

One path to this lifestyle involves building a home-based business through network marketing. DJ’s insights into success in this area are priceless, and it’s our pleasure to share them here with you.

Network Marketers Are in the People Business

As far as corporate culture goes, network marketing is in a class by itself, with DJ stating the following:

If people really understood the value of our industry as a profession, everybody would more than likely join, right? The culture is No. 1, the brotherhood that’s a part of it… the people helping people.

Not only is network marketing all about people and connections, but it’s also about how the people who work above you benefit when youre successful too. That’s an added incentive for them to help you be as successful as possible. And it means that if you’re working with the right people, you’re going to get a lot of help.

On the flip side, DJ says one of the best things about the job is mentoring the people in your downline — you’re helping them build a better quality of life, which is deeply rewarding.

90% of Success Is Mindset

The qualities that DJ looks for in someone who’s going to be successful in network marketing are coachability, heart, desire and work ethic. You’ve got to want it, be willing to work for it and be able to listen and learn from your coach.

When it comes to highly successful people, 90% of their success is the mindset. The remaining 10% is skill set, as DJ explains:

I can meet people that have a 90% skill set, 10% mindset and they have more degrees than a thermometer. They’re brilliant minds. They’re never going to make it to the highest levels ’cause they don’t have the mindset, that stick-to-it-iveness to really do this thing.

The Best Thing About Network Marketing? You Can Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want

Traditional jobs train you to trade dollars for hours, but this is a job that you can do during your lunch break, after work or from a cabana in the Bahamas. Once you establish your business, residuals will be working for you as you sleep. You’re your own boss, and you can put in as much (or as little) time as you want.

The Worst Thing About Network Marketing? You Can Do Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want!

It’s a double-edged sword. To be successful, you need to have discipline and structure. It can be tempting to slack off, especially once you’ve started to establish predictable cash flow. But if you do, your business won’t grow. “It’s hard work,” DJ says. “And it’s not the work that’s hard. It’s the mindset to do the work that’s hard.”

The freedom of being a mobilepreneur is a great incentive to check into network marketing. If you’re considering building this type of business, DJ’s tips are helpful and inspiring!

With purpose,

Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo