Follow Your North Star Today

Follow Your North Star Today

John Mackey started with a single, tiny health-food store and built it into a company that’s a household name: Whole Foods. That alone gave him the credentials to advise people on how to successfully build their business… but John’s philosophy on what constitutes a successful business goes much deeper than what appears on earnings reports or in the price of a company’s stock.

John (who majored in philosophy before becoming an entrepreneur) believes that a company should have a purpose… one that should drive the business forward.

And it’s that philosophy that sets him apart and makes him a mover and shaker in the world of capitalism.

Sure, one of the best ways to grow wealth is to own a business. But will you be able to be truly successful if your business’ mission isn’t to make a difference in the world?

John Mackey doesn’t think so.

That’s why it’s so important to have a vision for what you’re doing.

“The purpose acts as your North Star that keeps you on track,” John says. “Even if you wander off, you can get back on track by going back to making sure this is aligned with your purpose.”

On top of having purpose, running a successful business requires a good deal of flexibility. Times change, the market can be fickle and what works great this year might stop working the next. There will be times when you’ll have to balance your sense of purpose with what the market will support.

For example, John Mackey was faced with a decision when he realized that a purely vegan grocery store wouldn’t be practical in the long run. A vegan himself, he’d started as a business with no animal products on the shelves. But his first store, Safer Way, didn’t thrive… and it became clear that a change was needed.

He found a balance that worked by sticking to his original purpose… to bring healthy, organic and sustainable food to the masses… while adjusting to include some foods with sugar, sustainable and healthy animal products and other grocery items.

“We’re going to sell what people want to buy,” John explains, “but within the natural and organic framework.” In this way, he was able to serve the needs of more people, add stores across the country and provide a variety of options while still keeping true to his commitment to healthy values.

At the heart of the Money Revealed message is that wealth is about more than just making money… it’s about making a difference. That’s the philosophy that John stood by as Whole Foods grew from a single store to a popular chain…

… and it can work for your business, too!

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo