Clips Unknown: Justin Harrison

Clips Unknown: Justin Harrison

You are in for something truly special today. We have some special footage that has never seen the light of day.

Until now.

Our secret clip focuses on Justin Harrison, husband, father of 7 sons, success coach and author of Get Off The Bench. During all of this, he spent much of his career in the Network Marketing Profession.

After answering a newspaper ad in college, Justin’s eyes were opened to an alternative way to make a living: network marketing. He saw a way to take greater control of his own life, so he took the plunge.

His career wasn’t without challenges though…

He built a large organization only to have it crash down around him. Overnight, Justin went from having a team of thousands to having nothing. After a few failed attempts with other companies, he accepted a position for a multimillion international business as director of sales. He felt that with his network marketing experience, it would be a great fit.

After 7 years at his corporate position, Justin decided that he really did want to get back out in the field. Although it was a leap of faith and scary to leave the security of benefits and a salary Justin, again, decided to join the distributor side and resigned from his position.

Looking for an opportunity, he had heard news of a new startup company. This is when he became the Master Founding Wellness Advocate of doTERRA International, quickly becoming one of their top producers. Because of an amazing team, and phenomenal leaders, his organization has more than two million members worldwide.

Click below to hear more on his life experiences and how he’s focused on changing the lives of those around him…

With Purpose,

Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo