Millionaire by 30? It’s All in the Swing

Millionaire by 30? It’s All in the Swing

Is it really possible to be a millionaire by 30… even if you weren’t born into money?

Emron Andrew and his brother Aaron would like you to know that yes, it is. In fact, they don’t just think it’s possible. They know it is…

… because they did it themselves.

The brothers and their father wrote a book about their experience, aptly titled Millionaire by 30. In it, they discuss how important it is to get started in the financial game early in life, when you can maximize compound interest and lay a solid foundation for financial growth.

Emron, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for Money Revealed, said that his father had a lot to do with his success. Douglas Andrew is a financial leader who raised his kids to understand money and how it works. He didn’t spoon-feed cash to his kids…

Instead, he taught them to work hard and make good financial decisions.

As a result, the boys were both millionaires in their own right — in their 20s, when many people are still paying off student loans.

Emron says that something his father asked him as a child rang true, and has helped him on his journey to financial success. The question was:

“Would you rather have the swing or the clubs?”

Douglass meant would you rather have your favorite pro golfer’s set of clubs or the swing behind the clubs?

Financial success depends on the skills you learn, more than on the capital you begin with. A good financial “swing” is the secret to becoming a millionaire, whether you start early and hit your goal by age 30 or start at age 30 and hit it by age 50.

Emron Andrew’s Secret Swing Formula

According to Emron, it all starts with ATTITUDE.

During our interview, Emron stressed the importance of having an abundance outlook

Rather than living in fear of scarcity, it’s important to realize that there are plenty of resources in the world. If you get rich, it doesn’t mean someone else has to get poor. If you succeed, it doesn’t have to be at someone else’s expense.

An abundance attitude is vital to your success.

In addition to having the right attitude, Emron places a lot of importance on the power of CREATIVITY.

He shared a story with me about how he was able to harness his creative problem-solving skills to purchase a home at the age of 22 — with no money down, no credit and no job history! He was able to find a solution that was a win-win for both himself and the seller…

… and it’s just that sort of creativity that makes the impossible possible.

Finally, Emron says that achieving financial success requires a lot of DISCIPLINE. That’s not an easy thing for anyone. It’s important to develop a solid budget and stick with it, harnessing every dollar you make. And putting it to work.

Emron suggests that if you’re struggling with discipline, real estate is a good way to keep a handle on your finances. It’s easy to talk yourself out of putting money into your investments each month, but you’re very unlikely to choose not to pay a mortgage.

A good financial swing made Emron Andrew a millionaire before the age of 30, and his advice is helping others achieve their financial dreams…

… no matter how old (or young) they are!

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo