Tired of Trading Dollars for Hours?

Tired of Trading Dollars for Hours?

My interview with Ryan Moran was a fast-paced treasure trove of creative business ideas. Time flew by as Ryan offered a veritable buffet of side-hustle starters and income-generating ideas that really got my creativity flowing.—

The basis for Ryan’s philosophy is that to truly achieve financial freedom, you simply have to do this:

Disconnect from the idea that time worked is money earned. Instead, start seeing your income as related to the value you bring to the marketplace.

It might seem like a small shift, but Ryan has helped hundreds of people grow businesses using this philosophy — and he’s made a career for himself that’s as enjoyable as it is profitable.

Want in?


Trading Dollars for Hours vs. Creating Value

What’s so powerful about this simple paradigm shift?

Changing your mindset about what your paycheck actually helps you focus on bringing something to the market that people really need. As Ryan pointed out, it switches your thinking from “What can I get out of this?” to “Who can I serve?”

And when you’re focused on how you can help others, you’re in a good place to succeed.

Ryan found out that his gift is helping people launch something that meets a market need. There are a lot of ways to do this. What’s even better is that once you get started you can do what many people do and build one business after another.


Finding the Value and Making It Work for You

You might be tempted to wonder, “What have I got to offer that’s of value to others?”

Don’t worry… You’ll find it. Try thinking about your values and what you’re willing to stand up for.

Ryan suggests looking at what you do in your “day job” to see if there’s something you’ve learned over the years that you can share with others. Is there an e-book you could create that would help someone in your field? Is there an organizational tool you use that can help others calm the chaos of everyday life? Did you discover an effective way of communicating with others that you can share?

What about your hobbies? Podcasts and YouTube channels are a great way to gain an audience and are platforms for building your business. A lot of social media platforms even allow you to turn your page into a business and offer the use of their promotional services.

According to Ryan, if you have 1,000 people following what you’re sharing, you’ve got the start of a business that can bring you regular, predictable income…

Based solely on the value you’re bringing the world.

The connectedness that the internet has brought us today makes this a great time for those who are hoping to take a side hustle and build it into a profitable business. You’ve got something the world needs…

… Go out there and share it!

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo