What Does It Really Mean to Invest?

What Does It Really Mean to Invest?

Many of us own some kind of stock, whether it’s a mutual fund or stock options granted by an employer. When it comes to the stock you own, there’s a question you should be asking yourself:

Are you investing or are you invested?

David Gardner (co-founder of The Motley Fool) believes there’s a big difference.

The Motley Fool stands alone in the financial world — it’s a simple, accessible, humorous and easily understandable introduction to Wall Street. Not to mention it cuts out the complex financial jargon and introduces investing in a way that’s… dare I say it…


Don’t think the stock market is all that fun? You’re not alone. Most people find it boring at best, and confusing or simply stressful at worst.

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But you probably enjoy spending an afternoon on the bleachers, rooting for your favorite sports team… and as David Gardner explained to me in his interview for Money Revealed, the stock market can be very similar.

How? The answer lies in the meaning of the word invest…

… which comes from the Latin word investire, meaning “to wear the clothes of.”

That’s what you’re doing when you root for your favorite sports team — you’re wearing their jersey, you’ve got their bumper sticker on your car, you follow their wins and losses with passion.


And that’s the key to really investing in the stock market, too!

David Gardner suggests that you don’t just hand the reins over to an adviser and then forget about it. Did you know that most people don’t even know what stocks they own?

Instead, invest in what you’re interested in. Know the company you’re buying into, who’s running it, what they do and why they deserve your investment.

Then Gardner says to hold onto it for at least seven years… Don’t just buy the stock. Be invested in it. Wear its jersey and follow its progress. Be a fan.

Does that sound crazy?

Think about this: The most important things in life… relationships, careers, hobbies… all require a high degree of personal investment in order to succeed.

Why would your money be any different?

The Motley Fool has created a highly innovative and successful business around this philosophy… and it can work for you, too!

Be on the lookout….

Keep your eyes peeled for more keys to growing your wealth.

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo