Break the Mold and Prosper

Break the Mold and Prosper

Dear Money Revealed Reader,

Have you ever met a person who was just too smart for their own good?

I haven’t.

And honestly, I don’t believe it’s possible. But you know what I do see a whole lot of?

People who are too smart for the mold they’re trying to fit into.

If you’ve seen my interview with Tucker Max, you probably know what I’m talking about — the guy is brilliant, hilarious and extremely successful.

But, in his own words, he started out as “a reckless, unguided missile.”

There was a time when he couldn’t keep a job to save his life, despite having a law degree from Duke University!

So what’s his secret to success? Find the answer below.

But before we talk about his secret to success, it’s important to know how he got there…
This Just Isn’t Working Out

Tucker realized early on that school wasn’t a challenge for him. In fact, when he was in law school he spent most of a semester hanging out in Cancun, enjoying himself. He returned to take the final exam and passed the class with an A!

He’d grown up following along with a checklist of societal expectations.

It was after graduation that things took an interesting turn… Tucker was fired from his first law job within weeks of being hired.

He realized that he really didn’t fit into the mold he’d pressed himself into, so he picked himself back up and went to work for his father…

Only to be fired from the family business.

Yes, the family business.

But as it turns out, being fired from jobs that he wasn’t cut out for was the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

And things started to look up once he began doing what he was really made to do…

Create Your Own Mold — Win the Gold

Tucker sent out a couple of hilarious emails to his friends and they began to circulate… As people began forwarding them to others, they spread like wildfire. One thing led to another, and before long he went from a guy whose greatest skill seemed to be getting fired…

… to a four-time New York Times best-selling author who’s been featured on MTV and had a movie made about his life.

He then went on to create a multimillion-dollar company called Scribe, which employs over 100 freelance writers to help people create the books they’ve only dreamed of writing.

Including my own, which is one of over a thousand books that wouldn’t exist had Tucker Max not been fired from his first job.

See what happens when you find your calling and follow your own path?

Success Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Tucker believes that the hardest part of finding your way is knowing what you want. Many people simply follow the standard, never realizing that they aren’t living their own dreams.

During our interview he said to me:

I’m trying to look at it holistically and think, All right, what kind of life do I want? How do I create that life and how do I do it in a way that makes everyone around me better, the world better, that adds real, sustainable value? Not the thing people tell me I should do, not the quick cash, not the cool thing, but the thing that is — if you’re playing the long game — going to work for me and my family and my community and the world.

What looks like a “reckless, unguided missile” at a law firm happens to look like an insightful, incredible success in the literary and business world.

Are you pressing yourself down, trying to fit into a mold that you don’t even want to be in? Many people are. The good news is…

You don’t have to stay there.

Tucker Max’s advice is to decide what you really want to do, turn a blind eye to the naysayers and then work like crazy to make your dream a reality.

It’s not the easiest road, but it is the road that leads to success and happiness. In Tucker’s words, if you make easy decisions, you’ll have a hard road.

But if you make hard decisions, you’ll have an easy road… and you’ll find fulfillment along the way.

With Purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Patrick Gentempo