Use Debt to Your Advantage

Many of us have been raised to avoid debt at all costs, myself included. But there is a smart and efficient way to use debt to your advantage… and give you a return that is worth your while. Today, entrepreneur Ryan Moran joins us to talk about good debt versus bad debt — and how you can use debt to create passive income.

How to Build a Dream Team

Whether you work in a small partnership or a large department or are a business owner, you work with people. One of the keys to success is building trust with your colleagues… or else your future success could be blocked at every turn. Today, let’s look at some steps you can take and habits you can build to become an essential, highly trusted leader.

“Why I’m Still Buying Real Estate”

Should you be buying now or holding out for better deals when the market “bottoms”? The answer may surprise you. Today our friend Ron Phillips joins us to talk about just that.

Time to Invest in Real Estate?

Housing prices during the depression rose. And during the Great Recession in 2008, they dropped. But what will COVID-19 do to prices? Today, we sit down and answer that question.

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Interview Tips for the Skype Age

COVID-19 has led to tens of millions of Americans applying for unemployment. And with so many people looking for jobs virtually, they’ll need to learn the nuances of interviewing without being there physically. Today, we dive into some of these issues and address some tips and tricks to employ.

Money and Kids: 8 Tips to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Most American kids today live in relative abundance. They enjoy more material possessions than their parents had growing up. So how do kids learn to value money when it’s pouring in from grandparents, allowances and even the Tooth Fairy? Here are eight tips to help raise financially literate kids…

Can Movie Theaters Save Themselves?

On Monday Ray Blanco joined us to look into movie theaters post pandemic. The conclusion? Going to the movies the way we’re used to may be a thing of the past. Today Ray rejoins us with a follow-up based on some of the responses we have received

Can Movie Theaters Come Back From Covid-19?

An industry that will be forever changed is the entertainment industry. As people move to streaming platforms for their means of quarantine entertainment… will there be a need to leave the house for the movies anymore? Today our friend Ray Blanco joins us to talk about just that.

Robert Kiyosaki: Take Control of Your Future

These are scary times. The longer this goes on, the clearer it is becoming that we are not going back to the “normal” we had before. But that might not be a bad thing… Today our friend Robert Kiyosaki joins us to share why he thinks now is the perfect opportunity to make a change… and secure your financial future.

A Path Back to Normal

Many Americans are tired of living in shutdown mode and ready to get back to work. And the Mayor of Riverton Utah has a plan on how to do just that…